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Ultimate Winter Kit 500ml

Ultimate Winter Kit 500ml

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Our ultimate winter groom and protection collection enables
optimum care for your horse or pony this winter.

You will receive :

500ml AlvaSparkle
500ml AlvaDazzle
500ml AlvaTeaTree shampoo
500ml AlvaBarrier
100g AlvaMiracle
Free postage

So what’s in the products:

💫 AlvaSparkle💫

🍃AlvaSparkle 🍃 is a premium coat conditioner combined with aloe vera and our unique coat gloss.

It is easy to use and gives a long-lasting high gloss finish.

AlvaSparkle helps prevent dust and dirt from penetrating the coat and reduces stable stains.

🌺AlvaDazzle 🌺

For beautiful mane, tail & feathers brushing your horses tail will never be the same again 💕

🌟AlvaDazzle is a mane, tail and feather conditioner that is not only great for everyday use but it also adds shine for show success.

🍃Made using pure lavender oil, aloe vera and our unique conditioner, this product really works wonders on unruly manes, knotty tails and feathers that need conditioner.

We have even been lucky enough for one of our distributors, RM1 to get a fabulous write up from Sam Turner Dressage - tried & tested on the beautiful Cedric 🥰

🌺This is one item no grooming kit should be without 🌺

🍃AlvaTeaTree shampoo 🍃

AlvaTeaTree shampoo is carefully formulated to gently cleanse the coat, soothe and cool the skin whilst ensuring that you don’t develop the dreaded ‘scurf’.

It’s medicated to avoid irritation. The tea tree oil smells lovely, acts as a deterrent to flies and leaves the coat smooth and beautifully clean.

AlvaTeaTree is a really important first step to enhance most of the products in the range

It gently cleanses the coat (great pre fly repellent/ sweet itch) but also has the benefit of the tea tree oil in there.

🌱AlvaBarrier Mud & Rain Protector.🌱

🌱AlvaBarrier – Mud & Rain 🌧 Protector combines pure essential oils with our unique coat conditioner.
This formulation helps to protect a horse’s coat reducing the problems caused by the mud and rain..
After brushing off and removing as much mud and dirt as possible from the horse apply AlvaBarrier – Mud & Rain Protector to the affected areas. out.
Continue regularly for the first week and then as often as required depending on the weather and ground conditions.

⭐️For best results, we recommend you use AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo before the first application and at least once a month thereafter

AlvaMiracle Horse Cream is a powerful antibacterial cream is specially formulated to help sooth minor open wounds, cuts and sores. AlvaMiracle Cream calms insect bites and stings and its natural moisturizing properties help to rejuvenate and tone damaged skin.

What's so special about AlvaMiracle Cream?

For the love of the horse, AlvaHorse have gone to great lengths to choose, test and then select, only the highest quality ingredients. With the highest grade tea tree oil, AlvaMiracle has been proven time and time again to be excellent for minor open wounds, cuts and sores.

AlvaMiracle has been found very beneficial in helping to ease the effects of sunburn, heat and nettle rash and helping to maintain healthy skin.

AlvaMiracle Cream is very easy to apply and gives you the most effective results in the shortest period of time.


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