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Bite back Products

Based in rural Wiltshire, we’re a small family run company that makes... 


Equibalancer is a family company built on a life time of understanding... 

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  • Full MP Gloss Range

    MP Gloss Products

    MP Gloss  Products  is a makeup range that contain natural oils and waxes for use in the show ring to enhance and highlight your horses coat.  Further expanding to other related products for the show ring like plaiting kits, shampoo's, show shines and false tails MP GLOSS PRODUCTS became known as it is today.

  • Natural Plastic Free Products



    “We created this range after becoming concerned about the constant use of harsh chemicals in animal care products. All our products are handmade from natural ingredients in the UK and we strive to eliminate as much plastic packaging as possible.”

  • Hoof Care

    Horse hoof care is an important issue for all horse owners.

    While a horse may be able to sustain injury or illness in many parts of its body, the hoof bears weight and so adds hundreds of pounds of stress to any ailment.
    Maintaining a healthy hoof is the best way to give your horses a good shot at long, healthy lives.

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