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'Sweet Relief'™ Midge Barrier & Skin Support Cream for Horses

'Sweet Relief'™ Midge Barrier & Skin Support Cream for Horses

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Biteback Sweet Relief Cream is a plant-based cream that forms a barrier against midge bites, while soothing itchiness and supporting calm skin.

It’s ideal for horses that are bothered by midges and have a tendency to rub themselves after being bitten. 

* Forms a physical barrier, preventing midge bites 

* Minimises rubbing by moisturising, hydrating and soothing the skin

* Quick results:  skin should start to appear rejuvenated within a week

* Used by horse owners for 12 years with consistently excellent feedback

It can also be used on skin where excess keratin has led to hardened patches.

And it's slippery finish means it's useful for instances of feather mites.


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