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Biteback 'Flowers and Zinc'™ Drying Powder 300g

Biteback 'Flowers and Zinc'™ Drying Powder 300g

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Biteback Flowers and Zinc medicated powder is suitable for drying out the skin or hoof before applying a cream or lotion, so moisture is not trapped inside.  It is supplied in a 300g powder dispenser.

  • Helps support the skin's healing process, when dealing with minor wounds and infections
  • Quickly dries the affected area, enabling creams and lotions to be effectively applied
  • Active ingredients include zinc oxide and sublimed flowers of sulfur to mildly medicate, talc to dry the area to be treated and allantoin to soothe
  • How to apply:
    • with skin conditions: remove excess wetness with a clean towel by dabbing gently; shake Flowers and Zinc into the affected area and gently massage in with fingers until the area feels dry, before applying a cream or lotion
  • Ideal for use with Biteback Mudbar Plus, Sweet Relief Silver and Biteback Dog Sweet Relief products
  • FEI legal


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