Collection: Draig Balm 100gm

Draig Balm was initially formulated as a warm up rub, however according to
our customers it's a lot more....

Constantly helping to relieve 'Tight Muscles and Aching Joints'.

Speed Up Recovery Periods, Avoid Pulling Muscles, Drug Free Pain Relief, Anxiety,
Stress, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain, Wrist Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain ?

Formulated with WelshClay and 7 Essential Oils 'Draig Balm can
Stand Alone in Any Field'.

The 7 Amazing Essential Oils in Draig Balm:


Black pepper Essential Oil

Tumeric Essential Oil

Camphor Essential Oil

Cajeput essential Oil

Clove  Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil