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Life Data Farrier's Finish Topical Hoof Dressing 473ml

Life Data Farrier's Finish Topical Hoof Dressing 473ml

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Life Data Farrier's Finish Topical Hoof Dressing 473ml.

Farrier's Finish® is a hoof topical that destroys the “hoof eating” microbes which cause white line disease and thrush. It also helps maintain correct hoof capsule moisture balance in excessively wet or dry conditions

Farrier's Finish®
Farrier’s Finish® is a liquid topical hoof dressing that combats the “hoof eating” bacterial and fungal invasions which cause white line disease, thrush, and poor hoof quality. It also supports correct hoof capsule moisture balance in excessively wet or dry conditions.

Problems it Addresses
Hoof cracks, old nail holes and poor hoof wall structure can allow microbes to invade resulting in crumbling hoof walls or white line disease. Thrush is a bacterial infection of the sole and frog often associated with wet environments.
Many chemicals used in commercial hoof products denature and destroy the protective function of the hoof. Although they will harden the hoof and make it shine, the “chemically cooked” hoof loses some of its elasticity, shock absorption, and its ability to “breathe”.  A hoof wall without elasticity is more prone to cracking, and a hoof wall unable to breathe naturally cannot maintain healthy moisture content.

The Solution
Farrier’s Finish® unique blend of ingredients defends against hoof-eating microbes while also promoting proper elasticity and shock absorption function of the hoof wall. Farrier’s Finish® not only combats “hoof eating” microbes and provides protection to the surface of the hoof, but it also permeates deep within the hoof wall to combat these microbes at the foundation of the invasion.
Unlike other hoof care products, Farrier’s Finish® does not utilise harmful tar or petroleum based chemicals.

Available in a 16 oz (473 ml) bottle.
Application Instructions
Apply to hooves with cracks, crevices and nail holes. Repels hoof destroying microbial invasions, both bacterial and fungal. Maintains correct hoof capsule moisture balance in excessively wet or dry conditions.

Shake well before use
Hoof should be clean and dry before application. Allow to penetrate for several minutes.

For Hoof Problems:
Apply daily to entire hoof (coronary band, wall, sole, and frog). Special attention should be given to the white line area at the junction of the sole and the hoof wall and any other areas of concern.

As a Hoof Protectant:
Apply daily or as often as conditions dictate when utilized as a protectant from ‘hoof eating’ microbes or in excessively wet or dry
conditions. Repeat application each time the hoof is dressed, rasped or trimmed.

Grain Extract is the lecithin extract from beans and provides the lipid air permeable coating that helps protect the hoof capsule from excessive moisture while still allowing the hoof capsule to breathe. The protective fatty acid coating provides the added benefit of a shine.

Amino acids along with the fatty acids in Farrier’s Finish® function as a surfactant much like soap; however the amino acids are less irritating to the tissues than soap. The surfactant properties allow Farrier’s Finish® to penetrate into small cracks and defects in the hoof capsule.  Another benefit of applying amino acids topically is the moisture holding capacity of amino acids helps the tissues maintain normal hydration. The topical application of amino acids is believed to directly benefit the protein structure of the dermal tissues but this property has not been scientifically verified.

Propane-1, 2-diol, also known as propylene glycol, acts as a dispersing agent and also has preservative properties.

Tea Tree Oil is plant derived oil that has strong tissue penetrating capabilities and mild antimicrobial activity.

Propan-2-ol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, is added to Farrier’s Finish® in a minimal quantity to serve as a fast drying agent.

Iodine provides antimicrobial function with minimal tissue irritation.

Yucca Extract is plant derived and functions to neutralize the harmful ammonia from urine soaked stalls.


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