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Farriers Formula Double Concentrate 5kg refill

Farriers Formula Double Concentrate 5kg refill

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Farrier's Formula Double Concentrate is a hoof supplement that provides nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and important amino acid 'protein building blocks'. These nutrients enable horses to build strong connective tissue proteins important for healthy hoof structure and growth. Over 30 years of research, clinical trials and field testing validate the effectiveness of Farrier's Formula. The products consistency may be slightly different than usual but it still has the same nutritional benefits.
It is available in 5kg bags.

Farrier's Formula Double Concentrate is doping free and can be fed to competition horses.
Farrier's Formula supplies the nutrients required for building strong hoof capsule connective tissue in the correct balance and ratio. It also promotes strong and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog, and heel. Farrier's Formula provides proper nutrition to 'grow out' wall cracks, strengthen and thicken the hoof wall and sole, reduce the likelihood of microbial invasions and bruising, and assist with laminitis recovery. Farrier's Formula also promotes a glossy more deeply colored coat and strengthened connective tissues of the joints and ligaments.


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