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Are you thinking of clipping your horse? Some of you will be on your second clip by now.

Help protect their coat and your clipper blades with these great collections....

šŸŒ±AlvaTeaTree Shampoo gently cleanses the coat, removing all the mud, dust and grime whilst the high grade tea tree oil soothes your horseā€™s skin.

Once dry, your horses coat will be clean, smoother and this helps protect your clipper blades.

šŸŒŗFollowing clipping to help prevent that post clip itchiness, sponge on AlvaSweet. Not only will your horse smell beautiful but the essential oils will soothe any itchiness.

For the ULTIMATE luxury next day apply āœØAlvaSparkleāœØ
Give them a good brush removing any dirt hair or bedding, spray or cloth on AlvaSparkle - a premium coat conditioner combined with AloeVera and coat gloss. It helps to prevent dust and dirt from penetrating the coat and reduces those dreaded stable stains.

šŸŒŸAvailable in 500ml or 1Ltr setsĀ 

Recommend by Charlie Carr - Charlieā€™s Clipping Services šŸŒŗ