Biteback 'Neem Repel Gel'™ Insect Repellent Gel for Sensitive Areas

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Neem Repel Gel has been created specifically for faces and sensitive areas where sprays are less well tolerated - it’s incredibly easy to apply due to its gel formula and precise pump dispenser.

* Made of 100% natural ingredients, it is safe and gentle to use and is easily absorbed into the skin.

* With the power of both neem oil (margosa extract) and oil of lemon eucalyptus, it is a highly effective repellent and prevents bites and irritation for at least 5 hours with each application.

* It’s effective against stable flies, horse flies, midges, mosquitoes and ticks.

* Perfect for more sensitive areas.

* Very safe to use.

* There’s low sunburn risk and it’s shower resistant too.