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Biteback 'Mudbar Plus'™ Support Cream For Wet and Muddy Skin

Biteback 'Mudbar Plus'™ Support Cream For Wet and Muddy Skin

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Prolonged wetting of the horse's hair by wet weather and muddy fields leads to progressive degrading of the skin’s mantle making it susceptible to invading micro-organisms.  If mud fever (also known as pastern dermatitis) develops, the skin can become very inflamed and sore, with scabs developing and the legs becoming swollen.  

Biteback's Mudbar range enhances the skin’s natural waterproof function creating a more effective barrier to adverse conditions.

  • Mudbar Plus is ideal for skin that is already compromised: it cleanses any infected areas and softens scabs
  • The active ingredients (silver ions and sublimed flowers of sulphur) work alongside the body’s natural defence mechanisms, accelerating the return to naturally healthy skin
  • The active moisturising formula protects already damaged skin from further degradation and dehydration and supports hair and skin renewal


Apply twice a day to target areas. Carefully remove any mud, wash the area with warm salty water or Biteback's Winter Wash, then thoroughly dry - finishing with a drying powder such as Biteback's Flowers and Zinc - before applying the cream. A clear difference should be seen within a week. Once the scabs are gone, our barrier cream Mudbar can be used to discourage re-occurrence.


Silver ions and sublimed flowers of sulphur to support the body's natural defence systems; benzyl benzoate to soothe and moisten; liquid paraffin and waxes to moisten and form a waterproof barrier; glycerin to lubricate hard skin and scabs; and allantoin to support hair and skin renewal

A mild formula with no perfumes, parabens, silicones or other unnecessary ingredients. Cruelty free and environmentally kind.  All ingredients are FEI legal.

Please note that due to the silver content the product will darken with exposure to light. This will not affect the performance of the product.


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