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Biteback Horse 'Sweet Relief'™ Midge Barrier & Skin Support Lotion

Biteback Horse 'Sweet Relief'™ Midge Barrier & Skin Support Lotion

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Biteback Sweet Relief Lotion is a plant-based lotion for horses which forms a defence against midge bites, as well as supporting calm, healthy,skin.

  • Used by horse owners for 10 years with fantastic feedback
  • Forms a barrier to biting midges
  • Hydrates, moisturises and softens the skin
  • Start usage in very early spring and carry on through to autumn, applying each day to mane, tail and other areas targeted by midges
  • Ingredients include: benzyl benzoate to protect and moisten; glycerine to soften hard skin, liquid paraffin to moisten, iodine as a trusted preservative and bog myrtle (myrica gale) oil for added protection
  • DOES NOT contain any Neem
  • A 500ml bottle should last an average of 2 weeks in high season, depending on the area of skin being sprayed ..  If just mane and tail then it will last much longer
  • Simply spray on, then rub/brush into target areas once a day
  • Skin should look revitalised after a week of use
  • The spray bottles come with a Canyon fine trigger spray to allow easy application and economical use
  • FEI legal



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