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Beat The Itch Saver Pack

Beat The Itch Saver Pack

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Specially designed to help itchy horses and ponies is our "Beat The Itch Saver Pack".  The pack comprises one tin of Neem Wonder Wax and one 400ml bottle of Neem Wonder Oil.  Both products will soothe itchiness and repel midges and utilise the beneficial properties of Neem:

  • Scientifically proved to repel midges and flies
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothes itchy skin
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

The Wonder Wax is brushed onto the coat whilst the Wonder Oil is easy to apply to the mane and tail due to the handy twist applicator spout.  Our Wonder Oil is easier to use than straight Neem Oil as it is carefully blended at the correct ratio with a natural carrier oil to ensure it doesn't solidify easily.  Best results are obtained by starting midge protection early in the season to stop the "itch-scratch cycle" starting.



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