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AlvaMiracle Cream 100gm

AlvaMiracle Cream 100gm

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AlvaMiracle Horse Cream


What’s so special about AlvaMiracle ?

For the love of the horse, I have gone to great lengths to choose, test and then select, only the highest quality ingredients.

AlvaMiracle has been proven time and time again to be excellent for minor Open Wounds, Cuts & Sores.

Horses who are protected with ALVAFLY can graze in peace, helping them to have healthier, happier life.

Also very beneficial in helping to ease the effects of sunburn, heat and nettle rash and helping to maintain healthy skin.

It is very easy to apply and gives you the most effective results in the shortest period of time.

Please remember an injured horse can be very unpredictable, if in any doubt please call your vet.


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