Happy dogs mean happy owners, one of the reasons that Pro-Canine has been making products for dogs for more than 15 years! As lifelong dog-owners, we know only too well some of the common issues that can arise and we have developed products to fix them. At Pro-Canine, we don't use any products on our dogs that we haven't tried on ourselves - and that includes our incredible mobility supplement Activgait!

Our select range of products have been based on remedies used for hundreds of years and formulated using only the best natural ingredients from all over the world. All products are hand-made at our base in Scotland.

Key to our skincare products is Neem Oil, known as "nature's pharmacy" in its native India. In addition to being a natural insect repellent, Neem is antibacterial and antifungal, plus it encourages rapid hair regrowth. We only use top quality, cold-pressed Neem Oil and offer it as a gel, a spray, an oil and in a shampoo.

There is no need to use costly chemicals on your dog when instant and long-term relief is available from tried and tested natural products. It's great for you, your dog and the environment that all our products are 100% natural but it's more important that they work - and work fast!