Farriers Equine Care

As a Farrier for nearly 50 years, I have come across many conditions in horses that have stumped many Vets.

100 years ago, if your horse could not work, you could not work and horse owners turned to their Farrier for help and advice. Many of the old time remedies have been lost through time but I was fortunate in 1973 to be given a set of such remedies.

We started producing the Farriers Equine Care range in 2013. However, the products themselves can be traced back well over 100 years. Some of the recipes we use today have been handed down from Master Farrier to Apprentice since 1890. Many of the ingredients used in our product range are unique to us and we have painstakingly followed these tried and trusted recipes.

Our products are produced from natural ingredients and where ever possible we use organic or wild crafted materials. All of our ingredients are either Food Grade or BP Grade, all of which have been certified as safe for Humans and Animals.